About Heck Studios-


To create hand-stitched tees that serve as your own personal hype woman.


I’m a graphic designer by day, but a fashion designer at heart. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my boys (my husband Ryan and our doggo Ted). I’m obsessed with New York, it was such a dream come true to move here! It provides endless inspiration and has all my favorite things (great coffee, endless brunch options, and ALL the fashion my little heart can handle).

I’ve known for a long time I aspired to work for myself. Growing up I worked at my grandparents small business so I got to see entrepreneurship first hand. Once I started in The Fashion School at Kent State (after a few major changes) I knew I wanted a career in fashion. After graduating I found myself wanting to keep creating but I was a broke 20-something living in Cleveland with limited resources. So I started hand-stitching on t-shirts, and that’s how SWdsgns was born! I launched my first designs on Etsy in June of 2017,  and started selling at local flea markets later that year. 

These days my business has a new name and a very different aesthetic, but one thing remains the same. I believe in the importance of experimentation, never being complacent, and never be afraid to try something just because no one you know is doing it.



As someone who used to wear crazy, loud band tees in high school, I have spent a lot of my time trying to figure out my own style while building a cohesive wardrobe. I’ve found that t-shirts with small, simple, or subtle designs, like the ones you find in my shop, are an effective addition to a classic wardrobe. Dress them up for a chic date night outfit or dress them down for a laid-back vibe. Either way, each piece is curated with a hand-stitched design, adding interest and a unique vibe for any occasion. 

These tees aren't just made for anyone. They're made for someone who knows who they are, is confident in her unique style, and who is always on the hunt for fabulous pieces that make her wardrobe shine. Heck Studios creates simplistic, embroidered apparel with bold women in mind-- the women who are meant to be noticed.


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