My Process

The challenge of designing unique, hand-embroidered graphic apparel items keeps me on my toes; each hand-stitched item in my shop is designed with love in Brooklyn, NY, fueled by coffee, inspired by my surroundings.
When designing, I pay attention to trending colors and products while keeping my eyes open for design concept inspiration everywhere I go—although, I won’t lie, nature and sarcasm are my creative muses. I promise to create relatable designs that you haven’t seen 1,000 times before—let’s not be boring when we were born to stand out, you know what I mean?

Here’s a little insight on my design process:

I always conceptualize designs digitally in Illustrator, first. However, if I’m feeling especially creative, I’ll sketch the designs by hand, for fun. Then, I size and print the pattern for the piece of apparel it will be embroidered on.
When the design is ready to be transferred to the fabric, I’ll begin making samples. Using a plastic wash-away transparent stabilizer, I carefully trace the design onto the plastic stabilizer and then place it on top of the fabric in the exact location I want the design to be stitched. 

Next, I place my embroidery hoop onto the apparel and begin the fun part-- stitching! Stitching is my favorite part of the process because I get to witness every design become its own unique, handcrafted piece. Because of this part of the process, my designs will never look machine-made and I like it better that way. 
When I’m finished stitching the design, I tear away the stabilizer and steam the fabric to perfection.
Finally, when I am satisfied with a design (and not a moment before!), I’ll photograph the piece, launch it on my website and social media, and when it’s finally available to buy—it’s yours for the taking.